A  few of the very satisified customers!

Our online subscription has been available since 2012 and we have had hundreds of happy subscribers!

We do not film in a fancy studio or use fitness professionals to do the workouts.  It is raw real,  everyday people going through the fire with you!  Krista makes you feel like she is right there with you the whole time!

Customer Testimonials

Diane R.
Fit by Faith's online workouts are ideal for anyone! Whether you already belong to a gym and need a supplement workout for when you are out of town or just don't want to leave home or you are a work out at home kind of person. These are quick and effective workouts. Minimal equipment (or none at all....how about those bodyweight workouts!?!) I have been a client of Krista Johnson and a member of Fit by Faith for 13+ years. I am  52 years old and feel like I'm in my 30's, thanks to Krista and her knowledge and skill as a personal trainer and a guide for nutrition and hormones (oh those crazy hormones...but you can get them in control, just ask Krista!). My workout buddy and friend Becky and I are the ladies you see in a majority of the workout videos. We are just like you- wanting a good workout that gets results! We struggle just like everyone else, but Krista is wonderful about encouraging us and getting us back on track! My daughter is an athlete and she uses the online workouts at home to supplement her other workouts. She has them on her phone and uses her phone when she watches a video (see you don't even need a tv!) . These online workouts are a great tool to have! Enjoy being "Fit by Faith"!
Rebecca R.
 Krista's workouts are awesome! I've been training with her for the last 7 years doing these workouts. I have lost over 50 pounds and have kept it off. They are challenging and really vary from workout to workout. I really love that about them. You never know what she has planned. Check it out!  
Lacy M.
 This is my second entry, my last being entered 2-3 years ago. Since this last entry, I have had my fourth child (9lbs 10 oz) in Feb 2016. I was very active with Krista’s workout pre-pregnancy and enjoyed the pregnancy workouts while pregnant with my son. I look and feel better than ever, and nobody can believe I’ve had 4 kids because of my abs. As a firm follower and believer of Krista’s ME and RBT method for 4 years, I can attest and promise that these workouts work, and they are fun to do with REAL women. Sign up, you won’t be sorry. By the way, I never leave reviews anywhere...I’m the amazon reader of reviews, but never leave them. Just FYI on how I feel about these workouts :)  
Tammy K.
 Hello from Canada! I subscribed after doing the fat loss program with Krista.   I love the variety of workouts. They are short and intense so I don't have to spend half my morning working out. The workouts have made me stronger and my endurance is better when I play baseball now. Totally worth your money!! Thanks for all the hard work you put into these videos.  
Jimane A.
Highly recommend Fit by Faith's online workouts! I was spending quite a bit of money subscribing to fitness apps from running to body weight. I was not seeing any changes in my body. Krista introduced me to her online fitness and I absolutely love it and my stubborn areas started melting away. My favorite is the Rest Based Training and Tae Bo. I can work out at home anytime that fits my schedule morning, noon, evening. Krista explains the moves and is very motivational. Plus you can access them anywhere with internet and take them with you. I like to videocast them to my TV. Just a fair warning for Rest Based Training, watch out for those 15 minute workouts. You will feel it for 3 days. Lol :)
Nicky B.
Hello my name is Nicky, I subscribed in April 2015 at 47 years old and I am a happy single mom of an almost 6 years old. We live in the Netherlands. Since 5 months I have a subscription on the online video by Fit By Faith and I love it. The "rest to Push" method that Krista is teaching I already lost over 20 pounds and that for under 30 minutes each day at the comfort of my own home! I also do the warm-up each time for a workout and cool down after each workout, they are so good to do to help muscle pain. Also nice is the huge variety of workouts. You can also really enjoy the Cardio videos specially for Core or the TaeBo for your whole body. I would say give it a try I am sure you love it..Kind Regards from Nicky
Benita R.
 I follow my instinct, plus I didn't want a hard work out, since it was bodyweight work out, I thought is not going to be that hard, wrong like every single one of Krista's workouts, I end up three hours later feeling the burn and today I am walking funny, and still feeling the burned awesome.  :)
Pam H.
I love the convenience of Fit by Faith’s online videos! I can do that here at home at whatever time works for me. I really like Krista’s rest based workouts. They’re short but intense and believe me.... I do feel it for days! I’ve tried many different workouts and diet plans with no luck. But Krista's fat loss plan worked for me. I’d highly recommend her online workouts!